Adult Developmental Disability Services

Our Philosophy of Service

At Our Home Christian Ministries we believe that every life is unique, special and precious. We believe that each one of us is fearfully and wonderfully made by a loving God. Because of this we seek to bring quality of life to those who have developmental disabilities.

We know that everyone is unique and so we have three unique homes. Each home is different and is set up to meet the needs of the residents that live there. We also have apartments that are available to adults with developmental disabilities who would benefit from additional independence and responsibility while still having guidance from a caregiver.

It is our goal and desire to make sure each of our residents has a place they can call home. A place where they are cared for by a loving host family, and make friends with their fellow residents. It is our desire that they would reach their fullest potential and live a rich and vibrant life.

Resident Care


We provide our residents transportation to and from social events, appointments, day programs and other activities.


Our resident managers help with daily tasks such as making meals, cleaning and doing laundery.

Social Events

We encurage our residents to participate in social events such as bowling, church, sports, and community events often.

Health Care

Our staff is trained to administer meds, give first aid when needed, and promote a healthy lifestyle.

Adult Family Homes

Our Home provides a comfortable, loving, family atmosphere to our residents – a place they can truly call their own home. Resident managers in each of our residences provide nurture and companionship to the residents.

24 Hour

Resident Managers live with the residents in a family home atmosphere, and provide 24-hour supervision and support.

Family Home

Our homes provide a loving family atmosphere where residents will be cared for that each can truly call home.

Apartment Assisted Living

When a little extra guidance is what’s needed, the assisted living apartments helps residents preserve their independence with support in the areas in which it is needed. A resident manager assists each resident with thier specific needs.


Residents have a balance of independence and assistance that allows greater freedom and quality of life.


Our assisted living apartments have room for two residents each with the help of a resident manager in the building.

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Our Home Christian Ministries

Our Home Christian Ministries is dedicated to providing quality of life to people with developmental disabilities.